This is our premier product, the product that unites all of our other services. Behind its development lies our driving passion: giving you and your programmes instant access to global audiences via our satellite fleet.

GoLive is a simple name: one that describes exactly what the product does - and therein lies its simplicity. It can stream, distribute and play your content in real time and original resolution quality - all at the touch of a button.

It's not just the concept that's simple; the accompanying technology is as well. All you need to do is equip yourself with an industry standard DVB encoder plus two LAN cards, check your internet upload rate, give us remote access to your server, and we're good to go.

Because we're geeky and nerdy - but only in your best interests, we've even taken care of the safety and security stuff. GoLive works automatically, kicking in when you boot up your server, re-connecting instantaneously if your internet drops, and re-transmitting packets if errors occur. If you're even more geeky and nerdy than we are, you can download the technical specification here:

Click here to download Technical Specification pdf in English
Click here to download Technical Specification pdf in Arabic

Even though GoLive works remotely, never before have your audiences been so close, so accessible; never before have you had such flexibility and control. However you use it - as a stand-alone or in combination with our other services, give GoLive a go. For further information, please contact: sales@menamediauk.com.

Click here to download pdf in English
Click here to download pdf in Arabic


We want to deliver your content to your audiences - wherever they may be, even if they live in areas that are isolated and beyond the reach of terrestrial networks. That's a big responsibility that we take seriously.
This is the centre that never sleeps; the centre that relays signals between broadcasters, production companies, advertisers, international satellite services and uplink companies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We have three live studios with global fibre connectivity. We probably shouldn't say this, but we're going to anyway. Our studios are one of the very best things about Mena Media. They're just so grown-up and professional.