Article in Satellite Evolution on the launch of our Nilesat Transponder – 7 West

Satellite Evolution has recently published our press release.

MenaMedia UK is proud to announce the launch of the Nilesat transponder 7º West position, with full footprint coverage over the Middle East and North Africa region. Since MenaMedia UK began operations two years ago, the company has gone from strength to strength and has embarked upon an impressive growth and expansion programme. MenaMedia UK offers a unique combination of global satellite distribution, playout facilities and three live studios with HD quality and global fibre connectivity via BT tower in Charlotte Street, Central London.

CEO Saman Baban commented: “MenaMedia UK is going through an exciting period of expansion by consolidation its footprint in MENA region via Europe”.

Eutelsat 7º East transponder was launched earlier this year as one of MenaMedia UK’s hotspots, providing TV and radio channels with broadcasting service into and out of the MENA region.
Recently, MenaMedia UK has also launched its teleport facility in Sofia (Bulgaria) and this confirms the company’s position as a leading provider of satellite facilities. MenaMedia Sofia Teleport is a regional satellite service provider offering play out and turnaround services. Mr Saman concluded: “Today, connecting the Middle East and North Africa to the world is more necessary than ever. Our vison is to combine the global and the local, giving the MENA region a safe and reliable option via direct access to the global satellite market and vice versa.”

This new teleport enables the company to offer existing and new clients enhanced services, as well as providing MENA region with direct access to the global satellite market. The location of the teleport is also impressive and makes an enormous visual impact, and with the added benefit of excellent fibre connectivity it is already generating significant interest.

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